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LIARS: Patrick Muyaya & Guy Bandu Not Telling The Truth About Attempted Assassination Of Katumbi – Eye Witness

An eye witness of the attempted assassination of Moise Katumbi in Moanda, Kongo Central has debunked the false narrative by government officials claiming that the opposition leader’s security detail triggered the mayhem.

Katumbi escaped unhurt, but his bodyguard sustained serious injuries while several other supporters were injured by government hired thugs.

Patrick Muyaya, a member of UDPS and government spokesperson, and Guy Bandu, the governor of the Moanda area blamed the incident on Katumbi’s body guards.

Cynthia Katanga, a member of Katumbi’s campaign team with the delegation on the trail, posted on X, “Mr. Muyaya and Mr. Guy Bandu; you were not really present but you are telling untruths.

“I stood on the podium, while a
few thugs (not to mention the two political parties involved) approached us.

“From the start, they started throwing stones and President Katumbi protected me by telling me that I could be evacuated.

“While waiting for security to arrive, I observed the first bullet being fired by a police officer which headed towards the podium of (Moise Katumbi).

“Fortunately, I was evacuated by car despite the deafening sounds of bullets and stones. Arriving in the car, I saw MK’s guard who is on the ground and we took him to the hospital.

“To claim that MK’s security took the initiative is the highest order of deception.

“It’s about the politicians who shot and even one of them warned us,” she posted.

Muyaya and Bandu have issued a statement watering down the violence targeting Katumbi.

In Kindu, a representative of Ensemble youths Dido Kakisingi was killed at the instigation of government.

President Félix Tshisekedi has also been accused of ordering DEMIAP to kill Ensemble pour la République spokesperson Chérubin Okende who assassinated on July 13, 2023 after disappearing a day earlier.

On the campaign trail, Katumbi was forced to cancel a rally in Kenge in the Bandundu region due to security reasons. He is also expected to reschedule his trip to Kananga to avoid his supporters clashing with UDPS militants after Tshisekedi also organized a meeting in the area.



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