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IT WAS ORCHESTRATED BY AUTHORITIES: Katumbi Temporarily Suspends Campaign In Kasaï Region To Avoid Exposing His Supporters To Danger Saying “Nothing Justifies Shedding Congolese Blood”

Opposition Ensemble pour la République president Moise Katumbi has suspended his planned campaign to Kananga and Tshikapa today to avoid exposing his supporters to harm after a well calculated attempt to assassinate him in Kongo Central on Tuesday.

President Félix Tshisekedi is also in the Kasaï region and plans a meeting at the time Katumbi is scheduled to arrive in Kananga.

In a statement posted on his social media X account, Katumbi says he will temporarily suspend his trip to Kananga and Tshikapa.

The former Katanga governor weighed on the violence and live ammunition that characterized his gathering in Moanda.

“As I leave the land of Kongo Central, I thank the populations who, throughout my tour, gave me a wonderful welcome.

“The serious incidents that punctuated the Moanda meeting demonstrates the weakness of our adversaries who are overcome by the fear of losing power.

“I salute all the people who were victims of the violence caused by criminals who wore the symbols of a majority party.

“The images, the live ammunition fired by the police, and the testimonies confirm that these incidents were programmed, planned and orchestrated with a desire to commit crime. God wanted it otherwise.

“The instigators of the events in Moanda must be identified, prosecuted and punished.

“In order not to give in to further provocations, I have decided to temporarily suspend my meeting with the populations of Kananga and Tshikapa, who have been left to their own devices for too long without water or electricity.

“They must know that on January 23, 2024, I will devote all my strength and all my energy to improving their lives and that of all our compatriots.

“I refrain from exposing our populations to the madness of the enemies of freedom. Nothing and no one can ever justify that a single drop of Congolese blood be shed during this electoral campaign to retain power.

“On December 20, a new Congo is possible! It is up to us together to want it by protecting one by one our votes obtained polling station by polling station,” he stated.

Having virtually touched all corners of the vast central African nation with an estimated 120 million inhabitants, Katumbi is expected to touch base with his strongholds across Haut-Katanga and Lualaba.

Katumbi is expected in Kasumbalesa, Kolwezi, Likasi and Lubumbashi, among other areas he is expected to draw massive crowds as they are his strongholds.



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