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LET’S FACE IT: Tshisekedi Is A Danger To Congo’s Peace & Stability

Almost five years since he became president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the country is in a worse position than it should have been.

Let’s admit. President Felix Tshisekedi has lost the Congolese people the same way the captain of the Titanic did.

And if we are not careful, this country is about to plunge into chaos and untold misery.

Clearly, Tshisekedi did not have a plan or vision for the Congo. Maybe, his father did, but Felix is lost and totally at sea.

Congo’s human rights record has gone down. Tshisekedi promised the rule of law, but like those before him, if not worse, he has suffocated the rights of Congolese citizens and politicians.

His personal hatred for Salomon Kalonda Della has manifested in the illegal arrest of the special advisor for Moise Katumbi.

Tshisekedi’s bruised ego when Franck Diongo challenged him at a funeral has caused him to react by abusing state powers. He has thrown Salomon and Diongo in jail to punish them and also to intimidate others opposing him. This is classic evil.

And because Mike Mukebayi challenged his record of tribalism, Tshisekedi sent his militia to abduct him and throw the lawmaker in prison. This is not how a democracy where human rights are respected is managed.

Apart from suffocating human rights, Tshisekedi has failed to contain and end the war in east Congo.

Tshisekedi criticised Kabila and offered to do better, but with the instruments of power, he has created more enemies than friends around the world.

His amateurism was exposed when he first engaged Rwanda and took the Congo to the East African Community without due consideration for parliament. After realising his mess, he is back begging SADC to return.

Today, he is Rwanda President Paul Kagame’s enemy. Heads of state in East Africa don’t trust him after turning against him.

Those in SADC can’t trust him either because he doesn’t keep promises.

In the meantime, Tshisekedi has created the country a non-state because every Jim and Jack can walk in and out of eastern Congo. Bunagana and other parts of Kivu are now occupied territories where the rebels are maiming Congolese at will.

Millions have died and millions have been displaced. Tshisekedi has impoverished the people with high unemployment levels and rising food costs.

Insecurity is rife across the country. In the east, rebels are feasting on our people, in the west there’s tribal chaos between the Mabondo and Yekas while in Katanga, his Kasai militias are massacring UNAFEC youths and anyone who speaks against him.

It’s bloodshed from one corner of our great nation to another. This is unacceptable. As if this is not enough, he was given four years to organize the French-speaking games but we are four weeks from the dates of the events, nothing is ready.

The DRC is about to be embarrassed. Hostels for accommodation of athletes are far from being ready, stadiums and equally still far beyond schedule and the organing committee is totally lost.

The levels of incompetence Tshisekedi has shown are alarming. As we speak, he is failing to fund CENI so that the elections are be properly organized. Tshisekedi is courting trouble for Congo.

Tshisekedi is a danger to the peace and security of our country.



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