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KATUMBI’S POPULARITY: Further Headache For Tshisekedi & His Team

For President Fèlix Tshisekedi and his camp, they simply don’t know what to do with opposition Ensemble pour la République leader Moise Katumbi’s popularity ahead of the general elections next Wednesday.

That’s why they lying in the morning, at noon and during dinner. Lying to them has become a three course meal that, unfortunately, will end after they lose the elections.

One of the cheapest lies they have continued telling is that Katumbi is Zambian and they support their cheap lies by saying he has been traveling on Zambian passports.

But these people are so dull that they are confusing “Lusaka” the issuing authority for his visas to the USA and UK, with Katumbi being Zambian.

In fact, most Congolese in the south east Katanga region use Lusaka to obtain their visas to the USA because of proximity and easier connectivity as there’s no road network between Lubumbashi and Kinshasa.

As can be seen from copies of Katumbi’s actual visas in this story, indeed, the visas were issued in Lusaka but on Congolese passports!

When one’s visa is issued in a different, foreign city, that doesn’t mean that person has become a citizen of that country!

So the many Congolese that travel to Lusaka today to get their American visas instead of Kinshasa do not become Zambians!

They simply come to the American embassy in Lusaka to get their visas, using Congolese passports!

That’s the same reason Katumbi has his visas issued in Lusaka as well.

For Listani Choukran, the chief purveyor of such lies, we know that you work with Tshisekedi and his wife.

You would do well to help your candidate get some popularity because wherever he goes, Katumbi is being cheered on while Tshisekedi is being jeered and called moyibi (a thief), liar or something unpalatable.




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