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KALEHE FLOOD VICTIMS: Govt Provides Insufficient Aid, Only 50 Coffins For 5,000 Feared Lost Lives; Only 400 Are Accounted

The Consultation Framework of Civil Society (CFCS) in Kalehe says the community has not received sufficient aid from government in the wake of devastating floods disaster that could have claimed over 5,000 lives. Only 400 lives are so far accounted for as officially dead but over 5, 000 are missing.

CFCS President Delphine Birimbi has revealed that government has provided just 50 coffins in Kalehe deaths while rescuers were still searching for over 5,000 missing people.

Birimbi said the state also dashed out a handful of food stuffs that arrived in boats, aid which he says represents a meagre 1% of the required help in the area.

“Compared to the number of missing people, the 50 pieces of coffins are not enough because we are looking for more than 5,000 missing people. The 50 coffins do not even constitute 1/100 of the bodies sought” Birimbi said.

Bushushu and Nyamukubi, the two villages in the territory of Kalehe were the worst affected by the disaster which caused more than 411 deaths in the two areas.

While CFCS has indicated a record of more than 5000 missing people, the Central government claim just 201 of the missing victims will be assisted.



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