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ITURI: Twelve Dead Bodies Found In Elake After Thursday’s Attacks

Authorities in Elake North & Apesiko villages of the Babila Bakwanza chiefdom in Mambasa town of Ituri Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo have discovered 12 Dead bodies following last Thursday’s attacks by the ADF rebel group in the area.

The New Congolese Civil Society confirmed on Friday that the 12 dead victims were killed in the crossfire during fighting between the ADF and the Mai-Mai Armed Group in the area.

Meanwhile, local reports in the area have indicated that the recorded deaths were still provisional as the search for other bodies was still on.

The New Congolese Civil Society claimed the bodies of the 12 victims were found covered in blood on their farmlands and as well as bushes.

John Vuleverio, the coordinator for the Civil Society, revealed that nine bodies were found in Elake North while three were discovered in Apesiko.

Vuleverio called on the Congolese military authorities to operations to ensure the safety of the population in the area who continue to live in terror with the presence of the ADF rebels.

Meanwhile, Mambasa territory chief administrator Col. Jean-Baptiste Munyampazi has neither confirmed or denied the deaths were caused by the rebel groups’ fighting but revealed discovery of the bodies.



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