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HUMANITARIAN AID: Provincial Government Takes Lead In Offering Humanitarian Aid to Displaced Victims In The East While Awaiting For the Intervention of Other Partners

The provincial government in North-Kivu Province carried out an inspection different sites where people displaced by the ongoing war have settled and took a series of measures to offer humanitarian aid to the population.

Several people in eastern DRC have been displaced from their homes due to ongoing fighting between the Congolese army (FARDC) and the M23 rebel.

The humanitarian situation of the population has become more worrying recently with sources already revealing several cases of diseases, including cholera following the promiscuity reported in the old and new camps that have been created in and around the city of Goma.

On Wednesday, military governor of North-Kivu Major General Peter Cirimwami carried visited various displaced people’s sites where he announced a series of measures taken by government to offer humanitarian aid that included the disbursement of more or less 25 million CF (nearly US$10,000 ) in order to meet the most urgent needs of the displaced population.

Government awaits response from the international community with the humanitarian situation worsening in these sites amidst intensified fighting in the east.



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