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DRC CRISIS: Chaotic Election & Lack Of Rule Of Law Has Worsened War In Congo; International Community Give Tshisekedi Conditions

The international community has told President Felix Tshisekedi to engage political opponents such as Ensemble president Moise Katumbi, former president Joseph Kabila and Martin Fayulu to deal with post election discontent if he is to receive unconditional support to end the growing war in the country.

Tshisekedi has also been told to respect the rule of law by releasing political prisoners such as journalist Stanis Bujakera, Salomon Kalonda Della (Katumbi’s advisor), Mike Mukebayi and Jean Marc Kabund among others.

Diplomatic sources have disclosed that failure by Tshisekedi to respond to genuine concerns by political players and the general citizens will plunge the country into further chaos as no proper international assistance would be lined up to end the war in eastern Congo.

Diplomatic negotiations behind the scenes have intensified in an attempt to achieve the de-escalation of the conflict in the east of Congo which is claiming hundreds of lives.

Kinshasa and Kigali are engaged in back-to-back meetings. “If Rwanda is asked to stop its support for #M23, the DRC is immediately required to do the same with
#FDLR,” the sources have disclosed.

Should Tshisekedi’s illegitimate regime fail to have a more sincere and honest approach, the massive diplomatic support needed to end the crisis will not be achieved.

“It is the DRC under attack, it is because of the “phony elections” organized last December as well
as the “catastrophic situation” of the rule of law which has increased imprisonments
of journalists and opponents that is largely causing the escalation in the humanitarian crisis,” a senior diplomatic source has said.

Several diplomats accredited in Kinshasa have reported to their respective governments that Tshisekedi does not enjoy the full support of the population.

“The regime of Tshisekedi, whose legitimacy is poorly assured must organize an “inclusive and sincere inter-Congolese dialogue if we have to walk towards peace in Congo,” the diplomat said.

Hundreds are dying in east Congo as M23 rebels mount pressure on an under funded and poorly equipped Congolese army.



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