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HEAVY RAINS: Over 600 Houses in Mwenga Swept Away

At least 617 houses have been washed away in Wamuzimu chiefdom of Mwenga, South Kivu Province after a torrential downpour in the area on Saturday.

In an report given by the Banakabale locality in Mwenga, several farmlands and fish farms were also affected with no deaths recorded.

“The toll is very serious. At least 617 houses were swept away among them schools and churches, 893 devastated fields, water sources, fish ponds and others damaged,” said Mukamba Kilosho Ndume Sylvestre, chairman of the Banakabale.

Mukamba also revealed that villages including Sugulu, Kaboge, Kabeba, Kabilongo, Mitobo were among the most affected in the chiefdom.

Meanwhile, part of the National Road T2 that crosses through Wamuzimu chiefdom was also washed away.

The Banakabale have since called for emergent humanitarian presence in the area to assist the affected victims.



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