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FOOLISH LEADER: Tshisekedi Backs Unjust Arrest of Journalist Stanis Bujakera & Legal Proceedings Against Respected Catholic Priest

DR Congo’s demented leader Fèlix Tshisekedi has strongly supported the unjust arrest of journalist Stanis Bujakera and the state’s recent legal action taken against respected Catholic Priest and Archbishop of Kinshasa Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo.

Stanis Bujakera was finally released in last March after the state failed to prove its allegations of publishing falsehoods in relation to the assassination of former Transport Minister and opposition leader Moïse Katumbi’s spokesperson Cherubin Okende which saw the journalist spend over six months at Makala Central Prison of Kinshasa.

The arrest of Bujakera and the recent move to institute judicial proceedings against Cardinal Ambongo were both carried out by Tshisekedi who has come out to support both unjust and illegal actions of the state.

“If you are a journalist and you make false and defamatory remarks, as was the case with a journalist after the death of a minister, you expose yourself to legal action. A journalist is not above the law. The same goes for Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo, the archbishop of Kinshasa” Tshisekedi told LeFigaro in an interview.

Tshisekedi has foolishly accused Cardinal Ambongo of spreading falsehoods against his government for simply calling the state to end the injustices been perpetrated against the people in eastern DR Congo.

“He recently became a propagandist for Rwanda by saying that the DRC was arming the Hutu militia of the FDLR. But let him demonstrate it. Freedom of expression should not be used to assert lies, even when you are a cardinal! I will emphasize that it is justice that works each time.

The separation of powers is respected. With my whole family, my father at the head, I fought hard enough in opposition in favor of freedom of expression not to be its gravedigger today. Freedom of expression is guaranteed in the DRC” Tshisekedi states.

Both the arrest of Bujakera and the legal action taken against Cardinal Ambongo have been strongly denounced by both local and international political actors as well as organizations.



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