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CERTIFICATES OF CORRUPTION: Ruling UDPS Awards Provincial Deputies For Accepting Bribes to Elect New Kinshasa Governor

The ruling Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS) party has announced that it is set to reward Provincial Deputies in Kinshasa with Certificates of Excellence taking its bribes in exchange of new governor Daniel Bumba’s election in the just concluded governorate polls.

The UDPS party had prior to the governorate elections dashed out luxurious jeeps to the provincial deputies to vote for Bumba and his deputy, an illegal act of electoral corruption and vote buying.

Vidiye Tshimanga, a losing candidate in the governorate polls, had his appeal against the election of Bumba as governor thrown out by the Kinshasa Court of Appeal despite the candidate of the ruling party’s acts of corruption and malpractice.

UDPS Secretary General Augustin Kabuya, announced in a statement on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, that the UDPS will further reward the provincial deputies sitting on the Kinshasa Deliberative Body on behalf of the party with certificates of excellence.

For Kabuya, these certificates of excellence attest to the good conduct and probity shown by the provincial deputies for not accepting bribes from other candidates other than those of the UDPS during the recent senatorial elections and those of provincial governors and vice-governors organized by the CENI.

“By their expressed refusal to accept the corruption proposals from some governor and vice-governor candidates without a popular base, these provincial deputies have acted bravely by respecting the party’s ideology based on democratic values,” Kabuya said.

The deputies sitting in the Kinshasa Provincial Assembly bribed with jeeps on the eve of the elections from the UDPS whose Secretary General maintains that it was in no way a question of corruption, but rather of motivation.



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