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GAME OVER: Thieving Finance Minister Nicolas Kazadi Fails to Convince Tshisekedi Over Borehole & Street Lighting Fraud

Democratic Republic of Congo President Felix Tshisekedi has ordered the National Assembly to strip embattled Finance Minister Nicolas Kazadi of his immunity in order to pave way for the judicial authorities to institute investigations over the fraudulent and embezzlement of public funds in borehole drilling and street lighting projects.

This is in a matter in which Kazadi is being investigated for having approved the two projects, also not completed after over two years, at exorbitant costs of US$400,000 for the drilling of just 1,000 boreholes around the DR Congo as well as an incomplete Kinshasa street lighting deal worth US$13 million both signed and paid out by the Kasai Finance Minister.

Upon his return from a business outing in neighboring Congo town of Oyo last week, Tshisekedi summoned Kazadi to a meeting with Inspectorate General of Finances (IGF) chief Jules Alingete Key, the latter’s main accuser, as part of a judicial investigation into alleged embezzlement of public funds by the Minister.

Kazadi came face to face with his nemesis, in Alingete, who has been at the lead of the findings into the case of two projects with the Minister accusing him of trying to tarnish his repute in order to replace ahead of government reshuffles.

At the meeting which lasted into the night, Kazadi denied any wrongdoing in the two contracts but could not convince Tshisekedi who was prompted to call National Assembly President Christophe Mboso to request the removal of the parliamentary immunity of the Minister, who was elected after being elected as a provincial and national MP in the last legislative elections.

Andre Wameso, Tshisekedi’s deputy director for economic and financial affairs, was also present at the meeting where Kazadi was also asked to clear among other things the contract with Turkish firm Milvest who are yet to deliver despite receiving payment for the construction of the Kinshasa Finance Centre as well as his involvement with a group of suspicious Lebanese businessmen.

Aside the lifting of his parliamentary immunity, the Congolese authorities have also barred Kazadi from leaving the country and all local banks to freeze any accounts bearing the Minister’s name until further notice.

Kazadi’s inclusion in the soon-to-be named government now looks highly unlikely as he looks to fallen in Tshisekedi’s bad books especially being blocked from being part of the President’s delegation during his recent trip to Paris, France.



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