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FAILED GOVERNMENT: Vital Kamerhe Admits Tshisekedi Regime Has Failed To Deliver In Kenge But Begs For Re-election

Democratic Republic of Congo Deputy Prime Minister Vital Kamerhe has confessed his government headed by President Fèlix Tshisekedi has not delivered to its promises to the people of Kenge town, Kwango Province.

At a political rally held at Kenge’s Central Stand, Kamerhe admitted the Tshisekedi regime had not dealt with some of the challenges faced by the town despite having promised to address them prior to being voted into office in 2018.

Kamerhe admitted his government had still not dealt with the problem of electricity as well as other construction projects in the town but asked the people of Kenge to vote for Tshisekedi in order for him to complete the projects he had abandoned in his first term of office.

“The President of the Republic said that he knows your suffering, particularly for electricity, water, agricultural service roads, the 145 territories project…What he could do, he did it with love and humility,” Kamerhe said.

“He admits that he has debts from the inhabitants of Kwango through the town of Kenge. The market, he spoke to me about it, the stadium, where the plane must land, we know all that.”

The DRC is set to go to the polls next month on 20th December to elect a new president with incumbent Fèlix Tshisekedi’s re-election facing fierce competition after an underwhelming tenure in his first term of office.



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