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EASTER HOMILY: Tshiani Bill Is Dividing Us More Than It Is Uniting Us – Cardinal Ambongo

Respected Catholic leader Fridolin Ambongo took an opportunity of Easter Holiday to send a message to President Felix Tshisekedi that the bill seeking to eliminate an opposition leader from contesting the election in December was “diving the country more than it was uniting it.”

Cardinal Ambongo says the draft law known as Congolite was a danger to the peace of the country.

The bill which is being pushed by Noel Tshiani, a bankrupt American economist, had proposed that anyone seeking presidential office must have indigenous Congolese parents.

Observers indicate that the bill is targeting popular opposition leader Moise Katumbi whose father, Nissim Soriano, was a Greek-Jew who settled in the former Belgian colony after fleeing the Holocaust.

“Instead of focusing on the examining such a law which divides us, we would do better to stick together to detect the disastrous
game of the enemies of our fatherland with an inclinations for the balkanization of our
country,” he said.

Congolese have gone flat out opposing the Tshiani Bill, which is sponsored by Tshisekedi, arguing that Katumbi was born in Congo to a Congolese woman and has previously led the country’s richest area, Katanga, as Governor.



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