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[VIDEO] DYING FOR CONGO: Police Shoot Dead A Man After He Registers As Voter

Chaos on Friday characterized a voter registration center in the commune of Golf in Lubumbashi after a man was killed for refusing to pay an unsanctioned fee.

According to eyewitnesses, state security personnel were charging 5000 Congolese francs for people to be admit into the office to register as voters.

When one man made it through the security detail without paying the fee, a police officer was infuriated.

Soon as the man came out, an argument between him and the officer ensued.

The victim was supported by other onlookers who also wanted to register as voters.

When the officer felt overpowered, he discharged his weapon and killed the prospective voter to disperse the crowd and abandoned the scene.

Onlookers were upset with the careless discharge of firearm which claimed a life and descended on the CENI officers who also scampered for safety.

In anger and frustration, the residents destroyed the CENI material and damaged the building that was used as a registration center.

WARNING ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️: The video may be gruesome for sensitive viewers. Viewer discretion is required to watch.



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