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DISASTER: Over 75 Houses Destroyed In Kwilu After Heavy Rains

More than 75 Houses, 4 schools, a church and a government office in the city of Gungu, Kwilu Province have been destroyed following torrential rains in the area.

Gungu Civil Society President Joachim Kusamba revealed that the rains came with strong windy that blew away roofs of the structures in the area.

“This rain has created very significant damage, people are crying, so it’s terrible. The residential houses in total 75 houses with the roofs taken away, and then there is also a land affairs service office, the roof taken away, all the important documents are gone, there are also 4 schools, including 3 primary schools and a secondary school, all damaged, and then two churches” Kusamba said.

Kusamba revealed that several families had been left homeless and had been spending nights in the cold, with government urged to intervene in the matter.

“We also need a quick solution for these schools so that the students, our children can return to school again, otherwise they will still have stayed at home and ultimately the school calendar will be affected,” he continued.

Kusamba added that the rains had also damaged several cables or electrical wires at the Kakobola hydroelectric dam which is not yet to be operational.



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