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DILAPIDATED: Kinshasa’s Stade De Martyr Is In A Deplorable State; President Tshisekedi Must Take Responsibility

Instead of being on the plane and visiting any country that comes to his mind, President Felix Tshisekedi must take responsibility of his failure to manage the country.

If he was holding regular meetings with his ministers, getting weekly reports and ensuring that the country is being managed properly, the latest embarrassment would have been avoided.

President Tshisekedi is too exited with the skies. He loves the plane; he loves to be in Belgium and he loves to sign papers that he doesn’t understand the contents or that don’t make sense.

Let him take responsibility for his foolishness and tell his tribesmen that he will now have to rely on a private stadium in Lubumbashi to host international matches, at least for this year.

There is only one stadium in the entire country that is decent enough to host international matches.

This is a shame for President Tshisekedi and his leadership that a country of more than 80 million people and untold trillions of dollars in riches can fail to have a decent national stadium to pass a CAF and FIFA inspection.

See photos of part of the stadium which looks like a sewage.



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