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RIGGING OR BALKANISATION: President Tshisekedi’s CENI Warned Against Electoral Mal-Practice As Kasai Region Shows 100% Voter Turn-Out

Election observer Elvis Musafiri has raised alarm on the near 100% voter registration turn-out recorded in Kasai region which is the purported stronghold of incumbent President Felix Tshisekedi.

Democratic Republic of Congo electoral commission, CENI, announced two days ago that there were over 12 million voters who had registered for the election in the first and second phase of the exercise.

Analyzing the numbers, Musafiri says there was an interesting pattern by the records displayed by CENI which showed that the Kasai region had suspiciously out-performed other areas.

“According to the enrollment report published by Patricia Nseya of CENI, the provinces of KASAÏ, only after nearly 2 weeks of enlistment, found themselves with enrollment rate 4 to 5 times far higher than the rates of the Provinces of the Katanga area in the same operational area (Kasaï, Kasaï Central, Kasaï Oriental 12%, 23%, 23% respectively VS Haut Lomami 1%, Lualaba 4%)

“Compared to the same period in Operational Area number 1, the Provinces of Kasaï are showing exceptional rates of around 100% compared to the rates of shown in Bandundu and Equateur areas, as well as Kinshasa and Kongo-Central,” Musafiri said.

He reminded CENI Chief Executive Denis Kadima, also from the Kasai region and President Tshisekedi of Pope Francis’ message to ensure the country the country orgranized a free and fair election.

Musafiri says a rigged election will spell doom for the Congo which was already facing war in the east where rebels are terrorizing the population.

He says the outcome of the election should not trigger another war because tension was rising in the country.

Musafiri says the election must be transparent, credible, free and fair for the population to accept the new leader.

“The DRC is on the verge of an implosion. If Kadima is not careful, after the war in the East of the Country, it is the elections organized by the CENI and him that will lead to the balakanize the country,” he said.

There are whispers in the Congo that the country should be balkanized by dividing it into at least three or four countries.



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