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DEADLINE DAY: Campaign Period Concludes, Stage Set For Presidential Race

Today, Monday, 18th December, the electoral campaign for the DR Congo’s upcoming presidential elections draws its curtains.

Having started last month on November 19, this period of electoral charm ends this evening at midnight, as prescribed by the Electoral Center.

After midnight, there will be no more propaganda on giant panels, banners, placards, posters that have been spread across the country streets, intersections and public buildings.

The campaign noise and other marathons of mass seduction undertaken by candidates with deep pockets across the vast provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

With the end of the campaign, there also comes an abrupt end to the short era of generosity. An heavenly moment which allowed the average Congolese to escape from general mobilizations with a loincloth, a champagne, some bank notes to fund their homes even if for only but a day.

It’s a shame, however, to learn from masses of women who have filled stadiums, football fields and spacious rooms, that they don’t even know this candidate who invited them.

Approached before the demonstration, 90% of them claimed to have no idea about the aspiring MPs they were supposed to have come to support.

All that mattered to them were the gifts and tips brandished like a hook to attract crowds and which should only be given at the end of the gathering. Leave it to the mobilized ladies to sing, dance and cheer for the generous donor… of the occasion.

At the twilight of the electoral campaign, many voters who won in presents are rubbing their hands. Some are proud to have enriched their wardrobes with t-shirts, caps… and campaign loincloths. Others regret not having fallen into the manger of candidates with agile hands. Others still regret that this time is so short… to the point of being forced to wait until the next five-year term.

But, this Wednesday, in front of the ballot box, if the voting date is respected, each voter will be alone in front of their conscience. Alone to elect the one he or she considers qualified to run for president, to win a seat in Parliament (national or provincial), and the municipal councilor of his preference. However, it is not easy to see the candidate who shines through his or her sporadic generosity triumph on the ballot.



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