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[VIDEO] OPERATION ASSASSINATE KABILA: Exiled DRC Journalist Exposes Tshisekedi’s Plan To Eliminate Former President

Exiled Democratic Republic of Congo journalist Pero Luwara has disclosed that imposter president Felix Tshisekedi has launched a plan to assassinate former president Joseph Kabila.

Luwara made the damning revelations during a YouTube show he broadcast from an undisclosed location alleging that Kinshasa has contacted some authorities with huge pay-outs in Nambia, Zambia and Tanzania to help execute the plan.

Tshisekedi, according to Luwara, believes Kabila is spending a lot of time in Namibia and Tanzania while some of his supporters are believed to be in Zambia.

Luwara says Tshisekedi’s plan was made known to Catholic Bishops who visited him recently.

He alleges that some officials in Namibia had been paid $17 million to revoke Kabila’s visa while those in Tanzania had received $12 million to collaborate with his operatives.

Luwara claims that Tshisekedi has also corrupted some Zambian authorities with $20 million in exchange for Congolese opposition political figures stationed there.

He says Tshisekedi’s main military operative and tribeman General John Chibangu is a regular in Zambia where he kidnaps DRC opposition officials.

Luwara says Tshisekedi’s plan to assassinate Kabila is the highest form of ingratitude.

Before Kabila handed power to Tshisekedi in an election he did not win in 2018, the head of state was a broke man living at the UDPS secretariat after spending years in Europe as a pizza delivery driver where his wife Denise, as a caregiver, was the breadwinner.

Luwara says Tshisekedi did not even have any academic qualification to present as presidential candidate but forged a diploma which case Kabila looked away.

“I can confirm this Helmut Ngeleka (Tshisekedi) has hatched a plan to kill Joseph Kabila. In a secret meeting last week with Catholic bishops, Helmut Ngeleka spent 80% of the hearing threatening and warning of his decision to physically remove Joseph Kabila who he accuses of being the basis of his woes.

“His teams are still going through their plan to assassinate Joseph Kabila. It’s a clear plan,” Luwara stated.

He disclosed that Tshisekedi told Catholic Bishops Kabila was hugely to blame for the surge in violence in East Congo.

Luwara added that Tshisekedi was categorical that he was not particularly concerned with former CENI boss Corneille Nangaa who had joined forces with M23 rebels to oust the Kinshasa government.



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