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CONGO YA MAKASI: The Opposition Pact Made To Liberate The DRC

The opposition coalition, “Congo Ya Makasi” candidate Moïse Katumbi says the pact has come to rescue the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo who have long been afflicted with suffering and several challenges.

Katumbi, the common candidate, and the opposition coalition has been gained massive support and looks to be headed for victory as per pre-election statistics ahead of incumbent Fèlix Tshisekedi.

The pact has also been receiving the backing of new partners with Delly Sesanga Hipungu latest to join the Congo Ya Makasi that now has four candidates rallying behind Katumbi.

Sesanga joined former Prime Minister Augustin Matata Ponyo of the LGD party, Seth Kikuni as well as Franck Diongo in withdrawing their candidacies to back Katumbi.

“Our coalition is made up of people who have succeeded in their lives thanks to God, seeing the misery of the people, we decided to put our energies together to put the DRC in its place” Katumbi wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Katumbi added that it was time for the country to benefit from its vast riches after having been unable to do so since its liberation as well as put to an end the tribalism that has been perpetrated under Tshisekedi’s regime.

“This great rich nation, but victim since 1960 of the predation, governance access to tribalism since 2019” he added.

The DRC goes to the polls on 20 December in the 2023 General Elections to elect a new president as well as other leaders.



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