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CHINA SUPPORT TO DRC MILITARY: China Offers $23 Millions To Help Rebuild ‘Useless’ Congolese Military

At a time the Congolese military feels vulnerable and at the mercy of smaller neigbhors like Rwanda, the Chinese government has come dangling a carrot to help the country re-develop and equip its military.

A team of Chinese officials visited Deputy Prime minister responsible for defence Jean Pierre Bemba and made the bargain to help Congo’s military with $23,251,015.

The Congolese army is ill-equipped and poorly remunerated to an extent that small nations like Rwanda bully it.

China’s move could also be another way of trying to re-negotiate its mineral interest in the Congo after the current regime demanded that previous contracts with it be re-looked.

President Felix Tshisekedi is also planning to undertake his first trip to China where he will discuss military and economic cooperation.



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