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UN MISSION IN DRC ENDS: After 25 Year Presence, The UN Peacekeeping Mission in DR Congo Begins its Withdrawal

The UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO) began its withdrawal from the Democratic Republic of Congo on Wednesday February 28 as demanded by the Congolese Government which considers it ineffective.

On Wednesday, the MONUSCO officially handed over of its first bases in South Kivu, in the east of the country, to the Congolese authorities.

The departure of the 15,000 peacekeepers from DR Congo, as desired Congolese authorities, began on Wednesday even in the midst of grown tensions and escalated violence the eastern part of the country.

After 25 years of service, the departure of the Blue Helmets was confirmed in December by the United Nations Security Council, despite its concerns about the escalation of violence in eastern Congolese.

The initial plan for the withdrawal of the MONUSCO from South Kivu is for the mission’s soldiers and police to depart in full by April 30, with the civilian contingent expected to leave by June 30.

Before May, the UN mission is therefore expected to leave its 14 bases in the province and hand them over to the Congolese security forces.



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