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AFRICAN GAMES: DR Congo Bid To Host2027 Edition

The Democratic Republic of Congo has submitted an official bid to host the 14th edition of the African Games to be held in 2027.

The bid was officially submitted to the to members of the Association of National Olympic Committees. Africa (ACNOA) today in the Ghanaian capital, Accra.

This bid to host the African Games is part of the DR Congo’s launched objective to organize international sports competitions after successfully hosting the 2023 IX Francophone Games held in July and August in Kinshasa.

In their bid, the DR Congo have committed to the construction of new sports infrastructure including most notably, the Kinshasa Arena, the sports hall which will be the largest in Central Africa with a capacity of 20,000 which earmarked to be ready before 2027.

The DR Congo will also organize the African Women’s Handball Cup of Nations in December 2024 which will act test for the country’s capacity to host the African Games.



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