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YOU’RE A DICTATOR: Muyaya Tells Off Kagame, “DRC Has Nothing To Learn From Rwanda”

President Felix Tshisekedi’s spokesperson Patrick Muyaya Katembwe has told off Rwanda President Paul Kagame not to poke his nose in his country’s affairs.

The DRC and Rwanda are at loggerheads over border disputes.

Government officials including President Tshisekedi and President Kagame have traded strong words publicly.

Muyaya’s statement is the latest strike.

“The DRC will never be Rwanda where there is no dissenting voice, where there is no free press, where all the ways that think the opposite of the tyrannical regime are extinguished. This anti-democratic model will never be exported to our country,” Muyaya says.

The DRC has accused Rwanda of funding and aiding M23 rebels that terrorize the eastern parts of the country.



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