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MINERAL THIEVES: Military Intelligence At Work

Military intelligence has captured a network of economic criminals operating in South Kivu with more than 22 kilos of gold, 4 safes, 15 laptops, 4 telephones and $400.000 US Dollars.

The authorities also got 6,056,800 FC, 125,900 FrW, 4560 Indian RUPIS and 1000 Ugandan shillings.

They also recovered ovens, scales, missles.

Members of the network were presented to three members of government including ministers of mines, justice and finance.

“The criminals were arrested in possession of 4 unopened safes, including 1 in Kinshasa and 3 others that are on their way to Kinshasa, 15 laptops and 4 telephones, ovens, scales, mussels, 26, 120 kg of gold, and 400,000 US dollars, FC 6,056,800, FrW 125,900, Rupis 4560 then 1000 Ugandan Shillinghs,” said General Sylvain Ekenge, commander of the Armed Forces Information and Communication Service (SCIFA) in the region.



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