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WARNING SHOTS SENT: Exiled General Numbi Promises to Make “Triumphant” Return to Kinshasa Soon

Exiled former Democratic Republic of Congo army commander General John Numbi says he is nearing his “triumphant” return to Kinshasa after defeating President Fèlix Tshisekedi.

General Numbi who has been in exile since March 2023, has sworn to overthrow Tshisekedi and his government.

In a statement posted on his official X, General Numbi has promised to soon return to Kinshasa and liberate the Congolese people from Tshisekedi’s indiscriminate and incompetent regime.

“Congolese people, rest assured that you will have good news soon. [Fèlix Tshisekedi] Fatshi thought he was too strong, but we worked in the shadows and the arsonist was well hit, our triumphant return to Kinshasa is coming soon” General Numbi wrote.

General Numbi has been linked to the political-military coalition of the Congo River Alliance (AFC) led by Corneille Nangaa and the M23 Rebel Group which continues to advance and occupy different regions in eastern DRC.



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