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WAR IN THE EAST: More Deaths in Sake Following Latest M23 Bombings

At least three people were killed on Thursday night following bombs launched by the M23 rebels in Sake town of Masisi territory, located 27km west of Goma, North-Kivu Province.

The victims were two toddlers and their mother who were killed on the spot in the M23’s night attack attempt on Thursday, the spokesperson of the Congolese army Col. Guillaume Ndjike revealed.

“In its flight, the M23 dropped several bombs in the Mayutsa neighborhood in the city of Sake. These terrorist actions caused the death of two children aged 7 and 8 and their mother, as well as injured people who are already being treated,” Col. Ndjike said.

These are the latest acts of bomb violence carried out by the M23 in Sake where they target inhabited areas advancing into Goma.

The Congolese army reiterated that it is; “determined to repel the enemy, to recover all the occupied localities, to destroy and recover all the weapons provided to this enemy to massacre the Congolese population”.

Since the resume of intense fighting in the east, close to ten people have been killed with dozens of others injured in various explosions carried out by the M23 in Sake and Goma.



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