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NARROW DISASTER ESCAPE: CAA Plane Crash Narrowly Avoided in Goma

A disastrous plane crash involving an African Aviation Company (CAA) flight was narrowly avoided on Tuesday, 5th March in Goma, North Kivu Province eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Information provided indicates that an Airbus 330 CAA plane enroute to capital Kinshasa was about to take off with approximately 600m of taxiing already taken.

However, the pilot called the control power for a return to the parking for technical inspection of the aircraft after hearing a loud noise just before take off.

Passengers were asked to disembark and return to the waiting area at the airport with no news about when they will be able to board their next flight to Kinshasa.

One of passengers who had been on board regretted the incident and swore not to travel using a CAA flight.

“I glorify God who did not allow the worst to happen to us. After this failed plane crash, I no longer feel like traveling with this company again. I will stay here first.”



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