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WAR IN THE EAST: Jean-Pierre Bemba & Army Chief In Goma As M23 Continue To Advance

The intensified fighting between the army and the M23 Rebels seems to have echoed in the capital Kinshasa with Prime Minister of Defense Jean-Pierre Bemba and the Congolese Army (FARDC) Chief of Staff Christian Tshiwewe prompted to take the trip to Goma to assess the ensuing situation on the ground.

Bemba and Tshiwewe arrived in Goma on Friday evening and convened with the UN peace mission, MONUSCO, before meeting delegates from the civil society as well as representatives of families who were victims of the explosions that caused several deaths in Sake village, located 27km from Goma.

On the ground, just a few hours of calm, violence broke out once again on Friday in the hills of Sake village of Masisi territory.

The army once again used its warplanes to bomb rebel positions with sources in the region confirming that the regular forces in collaboration with the young Wazalendo patriots managed to regain full control of the Nenero hill.

In the meantime, several sources have warned that M23 Rebels are set to reinforce with men and military logistics, especially in the territories of Rutshuru and Nyiragongo, in order to launch new attacks on the Masisi side.

Government continues to reassure the population that Goma and Sake will not fall at the hands of the M23 and that everything is being done to liberate the occupied localities.



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