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DRAMATIC CLOWNS: Tshisekedi’s Ministers Playing Silly Stunts While People Continue Dying In The East

While thousands of people continue to flee their homes amidst insecurities in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the government seemingly have little or solutions to offer but only some silly social media threatics.

Ministers of the Fèlix Tshisekedi regime are seen in photos posted on official social platforms displaying clasped their right hands over their mouths while holding two fingers of their left hands to their temples.

The gesture is said to be a show of solidarity to the ongoing intensified fighting in the eastern region ahead of a cabinet meeting.

The Ministers have been widely criticized by the Congolese population who demand for urgent solutions to bring normalcy to the east as several continue to lose their lives.

“The role of members of the government is to provide a lasting and definitive solution to this situation in the east of our country, but also to all socio-economic problems, and not to play comedy and engage in populism.

This is irresponsibility, the population is suffering and they expect solutions from the government. We must stop taking people for fools and manipulating their emotions” popular opposition leader Moïse Katumbi wrote on X.

Efforts of the government and the Congolese Army (FARDC) to calm the situation in the east have so far proved inefficient as the M23 Rebels continue to occupy more territories and advancing closer to the city of Goma.



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