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WAR IN THE EAST: Calm Returns to Masisi After More Than 48 Hours of Intense Fighting Near Sake

The Masisi territory in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo province of North Kivu was turned into a battlefield over the two days as the Congolese Army (FARDC) clashed with the M23 Rebel Group near the town of Saké.

According to local civil society sources, the FARDC in collaboration with the local military group called the Wazalendo managed to push back the M23 fighters, just outside Sake.

The fighting which broke out on Tuesday through to Wednesday night saw the FARDC manage recover the localities of Lutobogo, Kimoka and Kanve which were seized by the M23.

According to local sources, the M23 had dropped explosions from shells which left at least two civilians dead and five injured in Mubambiro, also near Sake.



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