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[VIDEO] TERRORIZING OPPOSITION: Tshisekedi, Whose Father Spent Over 35 Years Fighting For Freedoms, Must Be The Last Person To Slide Into Dictatorship

Democratic Republic of Congo opposition leader Moise Katumbi has lambasted President Felix Tshisekedi for unleashing force to disperse a peaceful protest by citizens on Saturday.

Katumbi said shortly after police used live bullets and teargas on Saturday that Tshisekedi should better understand the plight of the opposition to avoid taking down innocent lives.

The Ensemble pour la République (Together for the Republic) leader was joined by Matata Ponyo, Martin Fayulu and Delly Sesanga in condeming the police action which also targetted children.

The quartet are very angry with the Tshisekedi regime after their peaceful march on Saturday, May 20, 2023 was violently dispersed by the police in the commune of Ngaba, avenue Kianza.

“The Congolese police are completely useless,” thundered Martin Fayulu. “They should go to Mbakana, to Maluku” where insecurity has reigned for some time, he added.

“All that is Mr. Tshisekedi. It’s very sad. If it came from someone else, I’d agree. But not Felix. Let him remember what we said at the time he was in the opposition,” said Katumbi.

For his part, Matata Ponyo said, “It’s a dictatorial regime today. Even at the time of President Kabila, we had never seen that. You can’t have a regime that only gets richer and the population that only gets poorer.”

For his part, Delly Sessanga declared: “We are in the middle of a dictatorship. It is repression. Ngobila must learn that this city does not belong to him. It belongs to all of us.”




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