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[VIDEO] REJECTED: Kisangani Rejects Tshisekedi’s Tshiani Law

People in Kisangani have held a demonstration to show their disapproval of the proposed Tshiani Law.

A pawn of President Felix Tshisekedi has submitted a proposed bill that will eliminate Congolese with either one parent born outside the DRC.

The bill if passed into law is an attempt to block opposition leader Moise Katumbi from contesting the 2023 presidential elections.

Congo’s National Assembly is due to table the bill in March before the election set for December 20 this year.

There’s wide opposition to the bill as both local and the international community fear it will fuel tension in a war torn country.

In Katanga, the Consultation Framework of the Civil Society of has also expressed concern with the bill will injure the functions of national sovereignty of Congo.

“They state that said bill enshrines within itself the seeds of conflicts between communities, in particular: non-cohabitation, non-living together, discrimination, exclusion, racial segregation and injustice.

“It should also be noted that it goes against Article 13 of our constitution, which states: “No Congolese may, in terms of education and access to public office or in any other matter, be discriminated against, whether it results from the law or an act of the executive, because of his religion, family origin, social condition and residence,” the Civil society state.

His opinions or political convictions, or his belonging to a race, an ethnic group, a tribe, a cultural or linguistic minority”,

In addition, in its paragraph 2, Article 220 stipulates that: “it is strictly prohibited any constitutional revision having o u ro b j e t or for the effect of reducing human rights and freedoms or

To reduce the prerogatives of provinces and decentralized territorial entities”.

The Civil Society has urged members of parliament to reject the bill stating that such a decision will help safeguard national unity, cohesion and living together.



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