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[VIDEO] MAN OF SOLUTIONS: Katumbi Says Instead Of Paying Foreign Soldiers $8,000 To Fight East War, He’ll Bolster FARDC To Make North Kivu Peaceful Again, “We’ll Buy F16 Fighter Jets; Not An Inch Of Our Land Will Go Away”

Ensemble pour la République president Moïse Katumbi says he’ll not spend his time as President whinning about others or paying mercenaries to end the war in North Kivu.

Addressing a political rally on the campaign trail in Goma, Katumbi says the war in North Kivu was not ending because the president was dozing and traveling the world.

The popular leader reminded the people of Goma and North Kivu that it is Tshisekedi who housed the M23 in Kinshasa for 16 months and today is struggling to end the war.

He added that the Head of State was now whinning after failing to honor his promise to end the war.

Katumbi said as a man, he would not spend time blaming anyone, but work towards finding a solution and reviving the Congo.

He said it was pointless to pay foreign mercenaries $8000 USD and give local soldier $ 90 USD and expect the FARDC to overcome rebels.

Katumbi explained that issues of a poorly equipped army, poorly paid soldiers and impoverished military personnel will come to an end under his rule.

“The candidate from abroad is the one who has made 666 trips in 5 years for enjoyment. Once in power, we will put the archaic
Sukhoi in the museum and buy F16s military jets,” he said.

Katumbi was accompanied by opposition leaders Augustin Matata Mapon, Seth Kikuni and Franck Diongo.



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