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[VIDEO] KABILA TICKS OFF TSHISEKEDI: I Can’t Have Contact With Someone Who Doesn’t Respect The Constitution

The rift between former president Joseph Kabila and his predecessor Felix Tshisekedi is now evident after recent public revelations the two are pulling each other in opposite directions.

Kabila yesterday held a meeting with members of the FCC, a coalition that kept him in power and has the most opposition seats, literally denouncing Tshisekedi’s administration.

This comes days after revelations that Tshisekedi and his newly appinted Deputy Prime Minister for defence Jean Pierre Bemba had planned to raid Kabila’s Kingakati residence in Kinshasa on allegations that the former president was collaborating with Rwanda in the war in East Congo.

Although Kabila is said to have installed Tshisekedi as president despite the latter not winning elections in 2018, the two no longer see eye-to-eye.

Yesterday, Kabila made a rare public appearance, showed he was jovial and took pictures with FCC officials.

Kabila told his guests he will soon address the nation but stated, “it should be noted that since the constitutional coup in December 2020, there has never been any contact, relationship or latent complicity between the FCC and the power in place (UDPS-Sacred Union). It is therefore fundamentally FALSE to affirm that there would be contacts with a power that does not respect the fundamentals of the republic. The constitution and its laws.”

Kabila, sometimes referred to as Shina Rambo, is very popular in Kinshasa but often stays out of the limelight. 





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