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[VIDEO] INCOMPETENT TSHISEKEDI: Jean Pierre Bemba Is Right; President Tshisekedi Is As Incompetent As His Staff & And The Maize Crisis Is A Good Example

With just a little over a month in office as Deputy Prime Minister in Charge of Defence, Jean Pierre Bemba has observed that President Felix Tshisekedi is surrounded by a team of incompetent advisors.

According to Jeaune Afrque, a respected publication that covers the DRC, Bemba told diplomats that one of the issues failing President Tshisekedi is a team of incompetent advisors surrounding him.

But we will add. The advisors are appointed by President Tshisekedi. If they’re incompetent, it’s a reflection of the appointing authority who in this case is President Tshisekedi.

Bemba may not have said it directly but he clearly demonstrated that President Tshisekedi is incomptent.

We agree with Bemba’s observations. And we can tell that the maize crisis in the country is as a result of the incompetence Bemba is talking about.

This country is really full of zombies we are calling leaders.

You may have observed and seen how people are struggling to getting mealie meal.

However, we have maize in shades that can’t be transported to the cities where it is most needed.

There are more than 70 wagons of corn marooned in the north of Grand Katanga.

Instead of finding ways to flood the market with this commodity to ease the crisis, we send a bloated delegation to South Africa and Zambia.

Who really bewitched Congolese politicians?

There’s no one who bewitched these leaders.

Bemba has put it clearly and plainly. We have an incomptent captain leading the ship.




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