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ANGRY POPULATION: UDPS Headquarters In Maniema Torched

An angry mob has torched the headquarters of the rulinĝ party UDPS in Maniema.

The riotous mob triggered by reports that a patrol team shot dead a 27 year old man identified as Nestin who had just finished watching the Spanish Super Cup final at 10 p.m. on Elongo Avenue Block 3Z.

According to our sources, young people in Block 3Z where the victim lived woke up upset and attacked the UDPS headquarters in retaliation of the killing of one of their own.

The Office has been ransacked and is currently on fire.

Angry youths have placed barricades and blocked access to Block 3Z and the situation remains very tense at the moment.

The deceased was reportedly shot dead by a patrol team deployed by the ruling party around 10pm yesterday as he was returning with another group of youngsters to watch the Spanish Super Cup final.



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