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[VIDEO] FORGOTTEN GENOCIDE: DRC Is Being Subjected To Man-Made Conflict

Pope Francis says the Democratic Republic of Congo has been subjected to a “forgotten genocide” that has claimed more than six million dead.

The Holy Father said this on arrival in the central African country during a speech to the diplomatic corps, Congolese civil society and political parties at the Palais de la Nation.

He had a scathing attack for the general Congolese populas including its leadership.

Pope Francis castigated the silence of the international community on the situation in the DRC which has been facing violence and other tragedies for years, especially in the eastern part of the country.

“Looking at these people, one has the impression that the international community has almost resigned itself to the violence that is devouring it.

“We cannot get used to the blood that has been flowing in this country, for decades now, causing millions of deaths without the knowledge of many,” he said.

Pope Francis emphasized that what is happening in DRC is known for the world to know in order to bring about change.

“Tormented by the war, the Democratic Republic of Congo continues to undergo within its borders conflicts and forced migrations and to suffer from the terrible exploitations unworthy of man and creation,” said the respected leader of the Catholic Church.



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