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[VIDEO] DRC MEALIE CRISIS: Katumbi Points To Poor Planning & Lack Of Foresight, “I Found A 25kg At $35, I left It At $10. It’s Now $50”

Leading opposition leader Moise Katumbi has blasted the Congolese government for failing to take responsibility for the mealie meal crisis in the country which has caused despondency among the population.

A bag of a 25kg mealie meal is going at over $50 much to the annoyance of the people especially in Grand Katanga where the commodity is a staple food.

Government officials, among them Haut-Katanga Governor Jacques Kyabula Katwe, have blamed Katumbi as some of the people behind the crisis.

The narrative by Kyabula has been repeated by President Felix Tshisekedi’s officers who claim the shortage is artificial as it was political sabotage.

In an interview, Katumbi says it was poor leadership to blame others for an issue a government was failing to devise a solution.

“When I became Governor, I found this problem of maize and mealie-meal shortage. At that time, Congo was importing 98% of its grain. I engaged countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana and others to help us with easing the problem.

“After managing to bring the situation under control, I also encouraged farming the product because we have very good climate conditions for it.

“You will note that every November during my time as Governor, we had enough maize stock for the following year for the population of Katanga.

“It’s all about planning and being strategic. Leadership is not about blaming that one or this one. It’s about finding solutions for the people.

“Because we planned ahead and ensured we had a solution for the people, the price of mealie meal for a 25 kg during my time as Governor dropped from $35 to 9,000 francs (about $10). It’s now over $50 and the population is suffering,” Katumbi said.

The popular opposition leader has promised to bring the price of the commodity to less than $10 which is close but still higher than the price it is sold for in nearby Zambia when elected as president in December 2023.




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