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[VIDEO] DRC 2018 ELECTION: Fayulu Rejected Deal To Become President; Tshisekedi Agreed Because He Had Less Than 15% & Can’t Get More Than 10% In 2023 – Kabila’s Ex-Advisor

An advisor of former president Joseph Kabila has put to rest speculation that President Felix Tshisekedi did not win the 2018 election but was imposed on the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo as a compromise for the previous regime not to face prosecution.

Maitre Jean Mbuyu Luyongola, former Special Advisor to Joseph Kabila on Security, gave a detailed reflection on the 2018 electoral compromise which saw Tshisekedi become President even when the UDPS leader did not win the polls.

Luyongola says he was sent to negotiate with Ecide leader Martin Fayulu who won the polls by over 60% of the vote according to Parallel Voter Tabulation, but Fayulu refused to compromise so Kabila and his team turned to Tshisekedi and Kamerhe.

“I was sent to negotiate with Fayulu, he said, me?” No negotiation. When I assume power you go to jail. And then we went to see Felix Tshisekedi,” Luyongola said.

Luyongola says it is understandable why Tshisekedi is insisting on rigging the 2023 elections.

He says if Tshisekedi would in 2018 as an opposition get less than 15% with the support of Vital Kamerhe, it is unlikely he will beat that record in 2023 especially that he has a poor governance record.

“In 2023, with his disastrous record, he knows he won’t exceed 10% of the vote. The 2018 election hold-up will not be repeated in 2023,” Luyongola said.

Multiple informants linked to Kabila have confirmed that Tshisekedi’s ascendancy to the office of president was an arranged agreement between him and Kabila who wanted to avoid prosecution alongside his close associates.




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