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[VIDEO] CHAOS: Provincial MPs From Kasai Province Trade Blows With Prime Minister’s Bodyguards

There was chaos in Kinshasa today when provincial deputies for Kasai province were denied audience with Prime Minister Sama Lukonde over non payment of salaries.

The deputies are owed salaries for over 12 months and are frustrated that their plight is unattended to while other provinces are seemingly taking care of their leaders with ease.

When they sought audience with the leader of government, they were denied, prompting tempers to flare.

It was a scene of fist and fury as the officials dropped their legislative prowess for some boxing skills.

Kasai Province which houses President Felix Tshisekedi’s village is one of the least developed and poorest parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It remains the only area President Tshisekedi is assured of decent showing in the general election because it is tribally inclined.

There is currently bad blood and tension rising between Katangese in the Southeast Congo and Kasais in the center of the country which rivalry has a history of ethnic clashes. Prime Minister Lukonde is from Katanga and not popular among Kasais.



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