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[VIDEO] A GIFT TO THE CHURCH: Catholic Leader Says Thank You To Katumbi & His Wife, Madam Carine

A senior ranking priest of the Catholic Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo has paid tribute to Congolese politician Moise Katumbi and his wife madam Carine for gifting the church a house of worship in Kashobwe.

During the official handover of the newly built Saint Micheal Parish on Saturday, Ambongo the gesture was a solemn commitment to the great commission.

Addressing the gathering, Cardinal Ambongo said, “I express all my gratitude to a man, Mr. Moise Katumbi who with his wife and the entire Parish Community had made the solemn commitment to build a house for the lord,” he said.

The respected servant of the Lord urged the Kashobwe community to safeguard the structure for their children’s children.

“To each of us, and especially to you dear faithful Christians of St Michael of Kashobwe, united with your priest, it is incumbent henceforth to protect and to preserve this heritage as you go bequeath to future generations, to your children and to your children’s children to whom you must also pass on the torch of faith and the sense of sharing, solidarity and generosity,” he said.




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