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UTTER MOCKERY: Tshisekedi Flaunts Expensive Wrist Watches, One Worth €200, 000, To The Average Congolese Languishing In Abject Poverty

After five years in power with no success to show for it, President Fèlix Tshisekedi can still afford to flaunt his lavishing and luxurious lifestyle to the poor Congolese population that he has abandoned to languish in abject poverty and agony.

As if to spite them, Tshisekedi goes around country calling on the Congolese people to elect him back to into office after abandoning them in the last five years.

The biggest insult and mockery of all is when Tshisekedi flaunts his Pathek Philippe wrist watch worth €200,000 in the disguise of embracing the poor Congolese population.

Tshisekedi shows off his ability to afford his luxurious lifestyle to the population that is agonizingly deals with a number of challenges including lack of water and malnutrition arising from the record poverty levels under this regime.

The Congolese people now have the power in their hands to liberate themselves from the anguish imposed on them Tshisekedi as the nation goes to the polls next Wednesday.



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