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USELESS DECISION: Toothless Tshisekedi Goes to Court to Fight Fierce Rebel Leader Corneille Nangaa

Having so far failed to find solutions to fighting and containing the rampant rebels in the east, Fèlix Tshisekedi is making hasty and useless moves as he continues to live on the edge.

Tshisekedi has ordered the High Council of Congolese in the Diaspora (HCCD) to file an official complaint against Congo River Alliance (AFC) and fierce rebel leader Corneille Nangaa.

President of the HCCD Civuila Ilunga Jean-Paul has since sued Nangaa in the Kinshasa-Gombe High Court by way of direct summons for looting, assassinations, attempted overthrow of a constitutional regime, subversive movement and attack on the freedom guaranteed to individuals as well as for association of criminals.

Tshisekedi hopes to use the effect of the lifted moratorium on the death sentence on Nangaa with member of the HCCD lawyers Mazu Makumbu confirming that his clients foolishly believe that the former president CENI risks facing either death penalty or life imprisonment.

Corneille Nangaa last December launched the Congo River Alliance (AFC), a rebel movement which is in coalition with another rebel movement, the M23, to fight and put to end the undemocratic, indiscriminate and incompetent regime of Tshisekedi.

Corneille Nangaa has since been joined in rebellion by numerous political figures including Jean-Jacques Mamba, former executive of Jean-Pierre Bemba’s MLC, Adam Chalwe and Henry Maggie, defectors from Joseph Kabila’s PPRD.

The AFC and the M23 Rebel Group continue to rise in the east with several territories in region now under their control.



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