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TO SERVE NOT TO STEAL: Judith Suminwa to UDPS Members: “We Are Here, Not to Enrich Ourselves but to Serve”

Newly appointed Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo Judith Suminwa has promised to serve with integrity to stimulate the development in the country rather than taking advantage of her role to gain riches.

In a regime where corruption and embezzlement public funds by government officials is the order of the day, Suminwa promises to be exceptional.

Speaking on Tuesday April 2, 2024 when she visited the ruling UDPS Secretary General Augustin Kabuya and members at the party’s headquarters, Suminwa expressed her gratitude to President Fèlix Tshisekedi for making historical decision to appoint a woman to serve as Prime Ministerfor the first time in the DR Congo.

“I thank you first of all, secondly, I thank the President of the Republic Félix Tshisekedi for choosing a woman, we consider him to be the champion of positive masculinity.

Suminwa called for accountable and prudent leadership from ruling party to help government work to restore sanity in the DR Congo.

“We are here, not to enrich ourselves, but to serve. I need everyone to build the country in peace and unity. We will defeat the enemy, we must sacrifice ourselves,” Suminwa said.



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