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US STATE DEPARTMENT ON DRC 63RD ANNIVERSARY: Respecting Human Rights Will Lead To Prosperity; America Will Support Free & Fair Election

United States of America Secretary of State Antony Blinken has weighed in on human rights and the up coming elections as the Democratic Republic of Congo celebrate 63 years of independence.

Blinken states,

“On behalf of the United States of America, I extend best wishes to all Congolese people and the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the 63rd anniversary of your independence.

“Democracy is the bedrock of our bilateral relationship. The right of every person to vote in free and fair elections is critical. The protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms is equally important in any democratic society to foster plurality and progress. The United States is therefore committed to working with the Congolese people for a free and fair election held successfully and peacefully in December.

“Our partnership is strengthened as we work together to advance our mutual values. The United States is also committed to helping the Congolese people achieve peace and security and to assist vulnerable communities. Respecting human rights and advancing our shared goals, including health, education, economic growth, and conservation in the Congo Basin, will help ensure the prosperity of the people of the DRC.

“My sincere congratulations as you celebrate this important day. In the year ahead, our partnership with the DRC will continue to strengthen as we work together to achieve a better future for both of our countries.”

The DRC will hold election on December 20, 2023 as the country records high levels of insecurity and rising dictatorial tendencies under the presidency of Felix Tshisekedi.



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