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TSHISEKEDI’S FAILED STRATEGY: Blaming Rwanda Is A Sign Congo Leadership Is At A Loss For Solutions

Today, President Felix Tshisekedi sent his mouthpiece Patrick Muyaya to attack leading opposition presidential candidate Moise Katumbi for his riveting addressing that has captivated the minds of Congolese who are looking for a leadership that will offer solutions.

Rather than learn a thing or two from Katumbi, Tshisekedi and Muyaya resort to their usual malicious, petty and foolish strategy of doing things.

FILE: Tshisekedi & Kagame

Muyaya held a brief and wanted Katumbi to attack Rwanda for Congo’s troubles.

He says, “when you claim to become President in this country, you are not able to name the aggressor called Rwanda… This poses a problem for the Congolese.”

It’s not strange that this is the only line Tshisekedi and Muyaya and their crew would use.

Clearly, these are men with no solution for the war in Congo. So they want to shift blame

In any given situation, those who blame others for their failures are the failures themselves.

A father who has an opportunity to have a good job can’t blame his neighbor for failing to take his children to school.

The solution to the war in east is to build a strong Congolese army, not a group of mercenaries that Tshisekedi has created.

Katumbi’s focus is to build a strong and well equipped army that will protect the borders of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Therefore, Muyaya and Tshisekedi muat stop hallucinating and focus their energies on preparing to leave office for a more competent, efficient and credible leadership under Katumbi.

Not long ago Tshisekedi and Rwanda presidet Paul Kagame were buddies. The failure of their friendship must not be blamed on Katumbi but themselves.



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