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TSHISEKEDI’S DYNASTY: DRC President’s Mother, Mama Marthe, Brothers Christian & Thierry Loot Katanga Minerals & Trigger Unrest

“It is our wealth that they are looting”, scolds one of the youth leaders of UNAFEC, the party of the late Gabriel Kyungu, the soldier of Katanga, who died almost two years ago.

It is with anger in their stomachs that the young Katangese observe the way in which the mining squares are exploited by the presidential family. They are witnessing a real invasion. The recent revelations of Africa Intelligence on the involvement of mama Marthe Tshisekedi, the mother of the Congolese Head of State, as well as his brothers Christian and Thierry, has stirred resentment and unrest.

To darken the picture, in addition to the presidential family, the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Interior Affairs, Peter Kazadi, is also involved in the dismemberment of the wealth of Katanga. The friend and accomplice of the Tshisekedi clan, which oversees the territorial administration and the security services, has the mission to definitively establish the leadership of Kasai in Katanga.

The Mafia Godfather

“UNAFEC has become a danger to us. The Katangese are stubborn. We must bring them to heel”, insists a Kasai notable who considers that the power of Kinshasa must not yield anything to young Katangans or to those nostalgic for the old regime. In Greater Katanga, the Kasai leaders have all the privileges. And they are determined to leave nothing to the Katangese dignitaries.
To achieve their ends, Félix Tshisekedi’s relatives are counting on one of their most prominent “brothers” in Katanga. This is the Attorney General at the Court of Appeal, Luakamona Rockefeller. Since his appointment in Katanga, the magistrate has continued the operation to ransom all the miners in his jurisdiction, which extends from Likasi to Kambove via Lubumbashi.
The sulphurous Attorney General is known to protect the Kasai mafia which operates with impunity in his jurisdiction. The man hides neither his vices nor his acquaintances with Dieudonné Kamuleta, the President of the Constitutional Court and the formidable Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Interior Affairs Peter Kazadi.

Kazadi arrives in Lubumbashi

Katangese notables and dignitaries are experiencing the deterioration of the rule of law in Lubumbashi and Kolwezi with increasing difficulty. The separation of powers is a thing of the past. Power and justice combine according to the interests of Kasaïs. “Everyone must be in the same situation before the criminal law and before a judge. Whether you are Kasai or not, there are some who are above the law today and others who are below. What is happening at the moment is serious”, denounces a member of the FEC, the powerful federation of companies in Congo. The fire smolders under the ashes. And the prospect of the next elections does not help matters.

Abandoning the Francophone Games was not expected. These are a great sporting event on which all the spotlights of the world descend on the country. The success of the Games depends on the security which has become very uncertain in Kinshasa. The presence of the Deputy Prime Minister Peter Kazadi in the city is. However, he chooses his interests in Katanga. He is expected on Monday July 31 in Lubumbashi. He comes in person to dictate to the magistrates of the Seat and the Public Prosecutor’s Office on what conduct they should adopt, contrary to the law, in the multiple files recently assembled from scratch by the General Prosecutor to prevent any Katangese candidacy for the supreme magistracy.

Another private militia

In order to prepare for the arrival of his main support within the Congolese Executive, Attorney General Luakamona Rockefeller is deploying artisanal miners, traders and the main subcontractors operating in Likasi to ransom. Using stolen money, Peter Kazadi wants to maintain the management of the thousands of police officers who, without a roadmap, have fled Kasai to settle in Katanga. These armed elements are wandering in Katanga. Some are under the orders of the Deputy Prime Minister who maintains his militia to terrorize the Katangese.

All this continues while the international community and even the American Congress have asked the current rulers to refrain from any act or legal proceedings that would aim to harm other candidates in order to arbitrarily eliminate them from the electoral process.

On the eve of the elections scheduled for next December, Peter Kazadi’s roadmap is clear.

Everything is being done to stop any Katangese dignitary from having the financial resources to enable them to win the next elections.

Time will tell. The people now know that Tshisekedi and his family are looting Katanga with impunity.

Peter Kazadi is only in town to do the dirty work for the first family. They will not strict sanctions on the way against those that are wilfully ruining the lives of millions of Congolese.



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