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CHERUBIN’S BLOOD IS STILL BOILING: Tshisekedi Will Be Haunted For Ordering His Death; He Will Die Like A Cockroach

Today is 17 days from that grim morning when we learned Ensemble pour la Republique spokesperson Cherubin Okende had prematurely died. His lifeless body was found in cold blood in his vehicle on a busy highway in the capital Kinshasa. It was riddled with bullets.

Cherubin went missing a day after he was found lifeless. His disappearance at the Constitutional Court is clearly the work of President Felix Tshisekedi and his agents. These are same agents the Head of state sent to brutally pick up Salomon Kalonda Della on May 30, 2023. It is the same agents who also picked up Mike Mukebayi a few days after they brutally cornered Salomon at N’djili International Airport.

They are also the same state agents who brutally picked up Franck Diongo and threw him in prison. The same thugs in military and police uniform were looking for Daniel Safu.

All these mentioned are high profile political assoaciates of Ensemble president Moise Katumbi. It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to know that this political assault is a calculated movement aimed at bringing down Katumbi.

With now over two weeks gone, there’s still no clue as to the scope into investigation of Okende’s death.

The pace at which the government is moving shows there was a clear and evident hand from Tshisekedi and his government to eliminate Okende.

The mercenaries Tshisekedi has created mercilessly beat up Cherubin the same way they have tortured Salomon, Diongo, Mukebayi and other political prisoners.

Those who witnessed Okende’s kidnapping have confirmed he was waylaid at the premises of the Constitutional Court by armed men in the same Land cruiser used to pick up Salomon and Mukebayi. They trailed his vehicle and held him by force.

They drove him to the same location they took Mukebayi and beat him up. It’s those beating that resulted in the bleeding and his trauma that led to his death.

When they realized Chérubin was dead occassioned by their beating, they put him back in his vehicle and rattled it with bullets using the gun left by his body guard to decieve the population it was an innocent kidnapping.

Or that the kidnapping was organized by Katumbi and his political group. This is another failed attempt they want to use to block Katumbi from contesting the December 20 presidential elections.

But that’s what it means when a political murder is ordered by a former pizza delivery driver like Tshisekedi. It’s without tactic and can easily be exposed. This is why they are dragging because they will be exposed. They know that their alibis will be proved false.

The gun used to kill Chérubin has DNA marks of those who handled it. It has DNA marks of the gloves used to handle it. Whichever way it goes, it will be known who killed Chérubin. That’s why an independent autopsy will show and clearly state that Chérubin died of the trauma from the beating, not the gunshots wounds. The gunshots were after effects.

In forensics, these details are easy to compile. Even a useless pizza delivery driver like Tshisekedi who failed his academics in Belgium can determine these factors. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist.

We challenge Tshisekedi to immediately announce the terms of reference of the investigations and who is handling what. Failure to provide a truthful outcome of Chérubin’s murder will spell doom for Tshisekedi.

Tshisekedi should know that the DRC had Mobutu. Mobutu killed our people with impunity. Mobutu killed our country. Mobutu killed our economy. Mobutu was a darling of the Americans. Mobutu thought he was law until himself. We see these traits in Tshisekedi.

We hope Tshisekedi remembers that as he emulates Mobutu’s dictatorship, he should also reflect on Mobutu’s ending. Mobutu died like a rat in Morocco.

Tshisekedi, if not careful, will die like a cockroach in a hot pot. He must be careful with the manner he is running the country and the killing of Cherubin, a father, a husband, a brother and a leader is a watershed moment for Tshisekedi.

Chérubin blood will continue to boil at high temperature until the truth of how his life was brutally terminated is known.



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